24 pages colour fanzine.
Produced by Gang Of Ducks, curated by Nico Vascellari
limited to 100 copies

10 euro

10 euro + shipment

Sn50 is the new editorial project of Gang of Ducks.
For each issue a different artist is invited to develop a theme of his/her own choice, using self-made contents or found ones. Subsequently, Gang of Ducks frames the materials by designing the publication, adding one more creative layer to that same theme.
This process enables a workflow of pure brainstorming between the artist and the collective, resulting in a mesh of ideas and visions.
The first issue of Sn50, printed in a limited edition of 100 copies, is curated by Nico Vascellari.
The publication has been showcased for the first time on February 24th at Codalunga, in Vittorio Veneto, Italy together with a Gang of Ducks SoundSystem hybrid set and Oddgrad, a new artist in the roster label, with his debut live set.